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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions you agree by to abide automatically by registering for this event.

Event description and rules

No age limit participation for in the run or walk but in the case of minors, they must be accompanied by their legal guardian.


In the case of U12, the registration is free and limited to only the 365 SGC WALK of 3.65km whereas they must be accompanied by their legal guardian who also must be registered in the same event.

The registration fee for over 12 for the 365 SGC Walk is 5 euros and for the Run is 15 euros. 


ONLY the participants in the 365 SGC RUN event will be given an official event running dry fit t-shirt and a medal! 


There are also corporate registration tickets for group registrations to the walk. 

The event takes place at 10:30 am on 31.12.2022 at Molos Limassol. 

The event will not be timed. Is not a race but a CELEBRATION of runners and walkers! Still, the first 3 women and the first 3 men (all age categories combined) will receive a gift from the organizers. 

There is a limited number of participants for the 365 SGC RUN WALK Limassol 2022:

 1. 350 Participants in the 365SGC RUN. Only those with event BIB numbers can participate.

2. 40 Corporate participants in the 365 SGC WALK. Only those with event BIB stickers can participate.

3. 1000 participants in the 365 SGC WALK. Only those with event BIB stickers can participate.

A licensed medic will be present during the run of 3.65km

No water will be provided during the race, but at the finish line only

Public toilets are available at the Molos promenade.

At the 1,825 meters point, there will be a turning point sign to return to the finish line.

After the race at the finish line, refreshments will be available. All participants must make sure they use the bins for any garbage. 

All participants are responsible for their belongings during the event and the event organizer bears not responsibility in the event of loss

All runners of the 365 SGC Run will receive a medal.


I verify that by registering for this event (event = 365 SGC Run Walk Limassol 2022), I certify that I am physically fit to participate in this event and my personal licensed doctor has verified my healthy physical condition to do so. I declare that I have read the terms for participation described and included here. I also declare that I agree to follow the present Health and Safety protocols in place by the Cyprus Government valid at the time of the event. 


While registering for this event i declare that all information stated withing my application are correct


By registering for this event I also give permission for the free use of my name and picture in broadcast and all forms of media, social and otherwise. 


I hereby waive and release myself from any and all rights and claims to damages I may have against the organizers of this event in the city the event is held, for any and all injuries suffered by me or any minors accompanied by me in the event


In the case of a minor, participation is allowed only after personal information and contact details of the parent having legal custody of the minor are stated while submitting the registration form for a minor. By doing so, the parent gives permission and consent for the minor's participation in the event and accepts the content of all declarations stated within the Terms And Conditions of the event. 


Processing of Personal Data of registered participants in the event follows the terms of the GDPR EU 2016/679 and therefore the organizer seeks the consent of participants for the following cases of personal data processing:

I consent to the use of my email for receiving newsletters, blogs, and products, by the event organizer regarding the event only, other information relevant to the event, as well as the option to participate in the future. 

If a registered participant of the event wishes to partially or fully change the above consent, he or she should email us at by latest the 10th of December of 2022 clearly stating the exact consent fields that she or he wishes to change. 

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