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365 SGC Run Walk Limassol's 2022 Recipients

365 SGC Run Walk in Limassol is Supporting these 2 Good Causes  

365 SGC Foundation
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365 SGC Foundation is encouraging people to give back. It runs an educational program at elementary schools whereas so far 47 schools and 1601 students participated which resulted in 47 actions taken by them supporting 47 causes that needed help.

Any day can be a Giving Day.

Let us all together work for a better future.

Our children are our future, let us all invest in them.

"Paediatric Clinic
LImassol General Hospital

This year's 365 SGC Run Walk in Limassol is also supporting financially  Dr. Argyris Argyriou, Photini Triridou and Okypy initiative to renovate completely the Paediatric Clinic AMERICOS ARGYRIOU of Limassol General Hospital. We will support the renovation of the clinic's children's playroom. 

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